"Our dear customer, ...." or "Dear Kate!"
That's the problem...

Personalized Video, aka Data Driven Video is the way each of your employees or customers watches a different video, created by their info, uniquely created for them.

Simply you share millions of CRM or ERM data with us. We use these data set to produce millions of unique videos!

We can integrate into your system for an automatic workflow or you can send us bulk data in any format manually!

Our data retriever API reads each of your customers’ or employees’ data and process it row by row. In a short while, you get list of millions of unique video URLs!

After the production you can see how many of your target audience watched their unique videos, how many of them clicked CTA buttons, how long they watched your video, etc…

You don’t want to deal with mailing or pushing the unique URLs? No problem! We can handle bulk but still unique mailing or sms sending, too.

What you can do using SekizSekiz’s Personalized Video Solution?

  • Celebrate work anniversaries of your employees
  • Share fun facts about your customers’ usage patterns
  • Generate lead by targeting prospects
  • Up-sell or cross-sell by Call-to-Action buttons at the end of the videos
  • Be different!

– Simple workflow
– Affordable, scalable, reasonable pricing
– Incredibly short production times
– End-to-end management from raw data integration to CTR reports
– No need to be in Istanbul 🙂 We are a digital creative agency, can handle all online!

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